"More and More" is the first Bulgarian professional scheme for payroll giving.

This is an easy way to donate every month a small amount to your favourite cause/s directly from your monthly salary.

Your donation is multiplied by the donations, made by your  colleagues and the rest of the participants in the scheme. Thus small amounts can achieve great results!


Step.1. Support from the company

Ask your Employer to allow you and your colleagues to donate directly from your salaries. The company will deduct every month your donation from your salary and will make one bank transfer with all the donations from all the participants. Call BCAF!

Step 2. Choose your cause

The choice is all yours - we will provide you with a list of organisations or funds, however you can add a beneficiary, too. Furthermore, with More and More you can choose not only one cause - which is often a difficult choice to make - but a number of causes. With More and More you allocate your donation between causes and you can change your choice every year!

Step 3. Contracting

You sign a contract with BCAF, in which you choose the cause and amount to donate, and authorize your Employer to deduct the amount from your salary automatically. BCAF is obliged to strictly follow your will, to report you back how was the money spent and to help you make your donation tax exempt.

Step 4. Making the donation

During the next 12 month you will most probably forget that your monthly salary is 10, 20, 50, 100 leva less. However, your causes accumulate funds with BCAF. Every month you can stop donating by simply informing your accounting department. If you are satisfied with the process and the programme, your donation contract will be renewed for another 12 months.

Step 5. Receiving information and feedback

BCAF will be sending you every three months a Bulletin with information on the distributed funds, the impact of those on the beneficiaries as well as information about new causes available with the programme. If you follow us on Facebook, you will receive updated information even more often.

You can download here, the contract template for joining the scheme and the annual report of the payroll giving programme.

Take a look at the tax deductions, you are entitled to.

More than 60 Employers and their staff participate in the More and More programme. Since its launch in 2001, more than 550 000 BGN has been re-granted to socially recognizable causes.

Want to join us? Please, contact us!